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Listen to the latest Podcast…The Lee Marvin Roofrack Experience where James issues a public service announcement about carrying unaccompanied rodents in your Banger. David goes car spotting, talk briefly turns to Bodie and Doyle before the boys consider starting the Bangers and Classics Car Hire business with some unique add ons. Finally David tries to get James a free loan car, but he’s terribly uncooperative and ungrateful. Yet another podcast that descends into anarchy.

Do Androids Dream of Electricity Cars? This is the one where James and David deny the inevitability of electricity as credible propulsion by driving a modern one and probably will never be invited to try one again. The lads are agog at the prices achieved by Classic Cars at the moment, then compare and contrast good and bad Classics This episodes involves guest appearances from a Bond Bug, 5GT Turbo, Bricklin SV-1 and some Beetles.

On Her Majesty’s Stationary Service, or is it Office? Where David and James watch some top quality early ‘90s Telly:  Tales of Modern Motoring, make some suggestions about buying a Classic Car, then cover the shocking dissapearance of ’90s motors, before suggesting how Classic Car Shows could be a lot better and give a shout out to Car Show stalwart Kenny.

An Innocenti Man…where James admits to not being a Land Rover anorak and David claims to have been a model for a clothing line. Both of them can be considered beautiful flops like most Lancias and Renault Avantime. Talk turns to milk floats and one of them turns out to actually be an Innocenti Man. 

Hillman Avengers Assemble…where James and David talk wheels, are attacked by jet aircraft, ponder convertibles for spring, underated classics and the cars (& Ladies) of the SHADO organisation from the UFO TV Series. 

’Sweet Home Alcantara…’ Where David and James discuss car names, old brilliant car adverts and suggest just what supercar their own comic book creations would drive.


Listen to the ‘That ‘70s Show…’ 

Contains large quantities of rust…

Listen to the first Podcast 'The Hardline According to…' The first episode where James Ruppert and David Milloy explain what a Banger is and isn't, touches on the hideous scrappage scheme, remembers the suitcase test and compares old fashioned buttons with new fangled screens.

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